Do It

‘Do It’ is the second step in the Go Green process – Say It, Do It, Prove It, and is the level that you are at once your business has begun to take steps to work through your action plan.

‘Doing it’ means that you are making progress on the actions you have selected in your Go Green Action Plan, and are working to continue improving.

You are also invited to attend a wide range of Go Green events at members rates to help you improve your green credentials in a variety of areas and will complement the work you are doing internally on your action plan.

Once you have started working through your action plan you can access a number of benefits.

The Go Green Process – Do It

1. Follow this link to create a login for your Go Green Action Plan.

2. You will then be taken to the ‘About You’ page. We ask you to answer a few questions about your business. This will help the tool to create a plan that is tailored to you.

3. The tool will prompt you to select from a range of issues and actions that are relevant to your business across the five themes of Planning & Resilience, Travel & Transport, Energy & Efficiency, Sustainable Sourcing, Happy & Healthy.

4. You can now click ‘Generate Action Plan’ and your plan will appear ready to download and share with your colleagues! The process is simple and straightforward. You can sign out and return to your plan and change the actions at any time, so don’t worry about doing everything in one sitting.

For more information, see the video below which is a practical demo of how to use the Go Green Tool, filmed at the Go Green Launch 10th February 2015.

How to use the Go Green Tool

Benefits of joining Go Green as a ‘Do It’ member

  1. Make a positive statement about your commitment to sustainability.
  2. Access a variety of resources and guides through the Go Green tool and website.
  3. Attend events at discounted Do It member rates,┬ámeet local organisations that can help you Go Green, and hear case studies from other businesses further along their sustainability journey who are ‘Proving it’.
  4. You will automatically be added to our mailing list to be the first to hear about exclusive events and receive regular newsletters.
  5. Use the Go Green ‘Doing Good’ logo on your company communications to make a positive statement about your involvement with the Go Green scheme.



Are you ready to Prove It?

Once you have demonstrated completion of at least one action in each theme on your action plan, you have the option to join Go Green as a Prove It member. You do not need to have completed every action under each Go Green theme. We like to see at least one completed action and others in progress across the five areas.

Prove It is a cohort of businesses that are going the extra mile in sustainability and helping to pioneer low-carbon business practice in the region and supporting the ongoing growth of the region’s sustainable business community. Are you ready to join them?