Prove It

Can your business prove the steps it has taken to Go Green? Has your business earned the right to join the Go Green Prove It Alumni?

The Go Green Prove It Alumni are the cohort of businesses that are doing the best for the environment, staff, suppliers and city. Furthermore, this group of businesses can Prove It!

Before you get to the Prove It stage, you need to create your Action Plan. In order to be eligible to Prove It, you must have already completed at least one action in each pillar, and you should have more actions marked as ‘in progress’ in your plan. You do not need to have completed every action under each theme to reach this stage! We know that many businesses will be doing much more so we will be taking each application on a case by case basis.

Why become part of the Go Green Prove It Alumni?

Go Green Prove It Alumni have earned the right to be viewed by their peers as being:

  • Leading the creation of the low carbon economy across the West of England and beyond
  • Sustainability Champions
  • Responsible Employers
  • Committed to legacy of Bristol as European Green Capital

Go Green Prove It Alumni can access further benefits:

  • Access to the Prove It logo. This includes brand guidelines, digital stickers, communications materials and more to use on your website, emails and marketing materials.
  • Access to Prove It Alumni only events
  • Attend Go Green events at member rates
  • Complimentary exhibitor slots at a Go Green Business Breakfast if they have a green product or service to offer
  • Opportunity to speak at Go Green events
  • Opportunities to share case studies on the Go Green website and further afield when possible
  • For a full list of benefits take a look at the Prove It application below

Does your business have what it takes to be part of the Prove It Alumni?

Any sized business from any sector can become part of the Go Green Alumni. We want you to join us so you can provide thought leadership on green business practice thus helping to drive positive change in business culture across the West of England.

To join the Prove It Alumni, your business must have done three things:

  1. Created a Go Green Action Plan

  2. Completed at least one action from each pillar in the Action Plan and uploaded evidence where applicable and have other actions ‘in progress’

  3. Paid the appropriate Prove It Alumni  Annual Contribution

Prove It Alumni Annual Contribution

The Annual Contribution Fee is staged according to company size, starting at £80 + VAT for a micro business with up to five employees.

How to apply

Fill in the Go Green Prove It application form. You must return this to us by email along with your action plan which must be signed off by a senior manager in your organization.

Show that you are Proving It

Once you have joined Go Green as a Prove It Alumni, you will be able to demonstrate your commitment through use of the Go Green Proving It logo.  This is a great way to show your customers and clients that you are taking steps to be a responsible business.

Hear from Prove It members Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology about how going green has benefitted their business

Are you ready to Prove It?

If you are ready to get to the Prove It stage of Go Green please take a look at the form and ring the team for a chat. We look forward to hearing from you!