For the Greener Good: A three step guide to using the Bristol Pound

Published on by Bristol Pound.

The Bristol Pound (£B) is a positive initiative for the good of the city. It is a local currency to support local independent businesses, build community connections and develop a more sustainable, resilient local economy.

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Bristol Pounds can only be spent with local independent businesses, so they represent a commitment to spending locally. By spending or re-spending Bristol Pounds you are passing that commitment to the local economy, and supporting the values of the Bristol Pound: community, enterprise and sustainability. In addition, every Bristol Pound is held at Bristol Credit Union, backed 1-1 by sterling, so the £B directly supports a more local, ethical banking system.

If you haven’t already, open your account today:

To enable every business in Bristol to participate in the Bristol Pound scheme, we have created three escalating stages of engagement: Prizes, Payroll and Procurement.

Each of the three stages have actions that are simple, very low cost and will enable a business to participate actively in the £B scheme, doing good for the city, good for staff, and good for businesses.

Every contribution will go a long way to driving systemic change into Bristol’s local economy for the long term.

The Bristol Pound Team offers free support, guidance and provision of resources to implement these steps.

Stage 1: Prizes

Use Bristol Pounds as prizes, gifts or fun incentives for your staff, particularly to reward more sustainable practices like cycling to work instead of driving!

Stage 2: Payroll 

Offering a £B payroll scheme to your staff is a great way to promote the scheme, making it easier for employees to get involved and demonstrate your commitment to your host city.

Stage 3: Procurement 

At no cost and no risk, businesses can open a Bristol Pound account with Bristol Credit Union, transfer £s into their account and spend them into the local economy, benefiting local independents and creating new economic and social connections along the way.