What is the business case for an energy audit?

Published on by Blue Orchid.

Going green is not simply a statement of accepting corporate environmental responsibility, it makes economic sense too. Most businesses that gain an environmental accreditation do it for two major reasons.

  • Accreditation opens doors to business you couldn’t previously access. Did you know that to tender for any local authority, government and public body contracts requires your business to have environmental accreditation? Why be excluded from lucrative work?
  • Starting the journey down the green road causes business owners and their employees to work in ways which are more effective leading to lower operating costs and therefore higher profitability. It’s a simple and achievable route to reducing your day-to-day costs – that means higher profit!

A brief walk around your business can highlight a number of early opportunities

In the offices

  • Switch off a few lights
  • Close some windows to stop draughts
  • Why is that computer screen on when there’s nobody working at it?
  • Is the heating at the right level or are we burning excess energy?
  • Do we really need a server?

Outside the office in workshops and storage facilities

  • Are external doors constantly open leading to significant heat loss?
  • Are all lights continually on – why don’t we have PIR zones?
  • How much cost could we reduce if we fitted LED lighting?

Journeys to and from work

  • How do we travel to work?
  • Does anyone use a bike?
  • Do the staff car-share to work?

This is just the start!

Have a brief chat with your team. Lay the green foundations and start today.

This is the start of your green journey. It makes sense because it says you operate an efficient and effective business.

Consider your business’s profitability; if you could save £5000 in a year in operating costs – that is the equivalent of the 10% profit from £50,000 of additional orders! A little effort is all it takes.

Try the green audit from Blue Orchid. This is a practical review of your business which will guide you to ways to reduce costs across the business. In addition, it could lead to an environmental accreditation from Green Accord. This could save you money and open the door to new business.

Going green is not a romantic stroll through the park; it’s a no-nonsense approach to improving your business and maximising the bottom line.