What are Cycle Logistics?

Published on by Joe Broadway – CEO of Velopost.

Bicycles have many benefits when replacing traditional fossil fuel vehicles to move things from A to B.

Image courtesy of Velopost
  • They help to reduce city congestion making urban areas easier to move around and safer for pedestrians and other cyclists.
  • They do not pump out smoke and fumes so the air quality improves making people happier and healthier.
  • They get noticed, because the idea is still quite new and novel, thus bringing attention to advertising.
  • Most importantly, they help business to be more sustainable – and often more cheaply than other methods.

1. Parcel Delivery

Let’s start with an obvious one. Bicycles have been delivering parcels in cities for decades, in fact a whole industry, cargo bikes, has grown around providing these entrepreneurial individuals with a means of carrying heavy and bulky packages safely and efficiently on a bicycle. Because bicycles cost a fraction of the cost of a van to buy and maintain and do not need fuel, you should be able to get your parcels delivered for as little as one third of the cost of traditional couriers.

2. Document Couriers

Useful if need to send documents urgently from one place to another within a matter of hours. This service is usually more expensive than your standard cycle couriers and can be anything up to £10 for a single letter. Bristol Cycle Couriers who also operate in Cardiff will collect you mail item within 15 minutes and ride it directly to any address within a mile all for less than £10. Also, if you need it there fast then by bike is often quicker as it’s not slowed by traffic and can be taken by cycle routes to avoid the delays.

Image courtesy of Velopost

3. Pedicabs (Rickshaws)

Basically a taxi service but powered by pedalling not by petrol. Pedicabs help to reduce vehicle emissions and often get you around as quickly as a car, thanks to a bicycles ability to skip around and through traffic. They are excellent for inner city business transportation, and would provide a brilliant talking point if you turn up to your next meeting in one. A lot of businesses have a taxi firm on speed dial, why not switch to a pedicab company instead?

4. Advertising

You want to get your message out there, you want people to know you’re green and your clients are mainly in the city you work in. Then look no further than cycle logistics. Many different logistics companies sell advertising space on their bicycles, cargo bikes, uniforms or rickshaws and they get noticed.

5. Mail Delivery

If your business sends letters then sending them via a local bicycle delivery service not only saves money on traditional postage prices, but also reduces your impact on the environment. Velopost have calculated that each letter sent via their bicycle delivery instead of diesel vans prevents the emission of 17.9 grams of carbon dioxide (CO2). In a single year they have calculated that they prevent the emission of roughly 10.74 tonnes of CO2. On average one litre of petrol produces 2.4 kg of CO2, so every year Velopost prevents the equivalent of burning 4475 litres of petrol.