Friska: When it comes to food, a good relationship with our suppliers is key

Published on by Friska.

One of the most important things to us is that we work with some of the best suppliers out there, and get the best quality ingredients that we possibly can.

Everyone is perfectly aware that bacon and coffee are what keeps this country flowing (on Fridays particularly). And our coffee certainly isn’t going to let us down when it comes to knowing what it’s been through to make its way to your breakfast table.

Grown by Wagner Ferrero on Brazil’s most sustainable coffee farm our beans make it all the way to the (slightly less glamorous) Avonmouth, where they are roasted by Andy Tucker. We use fairly traded beans rather than Fair Trade – meaning that the Ferrero family get the fair and just price for their beans rather than what the market dictates.

We’ve made sure that the food comes from people that we trust and that are the best in their field – quite literally in some cases!

When it comes to our pork. The team at Devon Rose are probably some of the nicest people out there. Down at Gatcombe Farm they rear some of the happiest pigs that there are. Their meat is all free range and raised an environmentally friendly way.

Having pork as good this deserves the type of bread that will bring you to your knees praying for more. Our bread is divine, so good in fact that even the crusts are delectable. The guys over at Hobb’s House Bakery in Chipping Sodbury are responsible for making some of the best quality bread, EVER. Baked every night and delivered to us fresh every morning their Sherston loaf is what makes our House Bacon the absolute boss of the breakfast sandwich world.

Image courtesy of Friska

Our chickens also reside in Devon – coming from the lovely Merryfield Farm. These guys have so much space to run around its insane. And we think it makes for an exceptionally tasty chicken and chorizo wrap.

These relationships have taken years to develop and curate, and we really are proud of what has come together in this time. All this means that we can’t call ourselves the cheapest place to get your lunch and breakfast, but we don’t consider that a bad thing. Not at all.