Why using Fairtrade is good for your business

Published on by Fairtrade Bristol .

Currently recognition of and trust in the Fairtrade Mark is higher than any other consumer mark at 90%. Using Fairtrade demonstrates to your customers that you are a fair and ethical business, is a great boost to staff, customers and reputation, as well as contributing towards an Environmental Management System (EMS) and your CSR commitments.

Why Fairtrade?

Fairtrade guarantees a fair and living wage for farmers in developing countries, as well as a social premium to benefit the wider community, to be spent on healthcare, education, clean water and to move to organic farming. Fairtrade International’s commitments to environmental standards are high. Fairtrade producers have to meet strict criteria on protecting biodiversity and forests, waste, water, pesticide use, carbon emissions, use of alternative energies and more.

‘Fairtrade fits very strongly into our commitment to our communities. As for our staff, with Fairtrade we offer them the choice to follow their ethics as well as satisfy their appetite’, Uzma Hamid, CSR manager at KPMG

Switch to Fairtrade Now!

There are plenty of local and national suppliers listed below, or ask your current supplier if you are tied into a contract, as most now have Fairtrade options. If you switch to Fairtrade, do let your local Fairtrade network know.

Not only will they be sure to promote your business, you will also be invited to apply to the prestigious South West Fairtrade Business Awards.

Photo by Jon Craig

Fairtrade Wholesale Stockists, Local and National

There are now a huge range of Fairtrade items that can be bought in bulk via the internet but there are also many local suppliers of tea, coffee, and other essentials to allow for local procurement within businesses. Many Fairtrade options are the same price or hardly any more expensive than the non-Fairtrade options, so choosing ethically does not need to cost your business more.

Many ethical wholesalers now provide various filters on their online searches through which buyers can filter their searches in line with their own purchasing choices. These filters make shopping for Fairtrade products far easier than it has been in the past and allow businesses to see all of the Fairtrade options (many of which may be surprising!) available for purchase in one go. The filters can also be used in co-ordination with each other, so if you are looking for gluten free, vegan, organic AND Fairtrade biscuits for your staff room this is a great way to find them simply!

The following links will take you to external websites where you can find national and local stockists of Fairtrade produce that can be purchased in catering sizes.

Want to know how Fairtrade works for business?

See this case study from Bristol print company Minuteman Press on why and how they source Fairtrade products for their business