Food Route – Keeping waste food from landfill

Published on by Zoe Colosimo, Neighbourly.

Food Route is a collaborative project led by, FareShare SW and Incredible Edible Bristol, alongside many partners, that aims to use technology to take food that is to be sent to landfill and match it to community groups, charities and not for profit organisations to ensure it is eaten.

Image courtesy of Neighbourly

We are all aware that food waste is a huge problem and that at the same time there are people going hungry and food banks being used more and more as austerity continues across the country.

If food cannot be matched with those who might eat it immediately, it can be offered to farmers who can use the food for animal feed or, as a last resort, waste vegetables can be sent to allotment societies or community gardens for composting. We will ensure waste coffee grounds are offered to growers for composting and start really cutting the quantity of edible and valuable food that is going to landfill and releasing carbon into the atmosphere.

If you are a food producer: grower, manufacturer, distributor, restaurant or supermarket and would like to see any waste you have used by communities, please do get in touch, and likewise for all community groups and charitable organisations who might be able to put it to good use – get in contact – we’d love for you to be involved in the programme.

We can’t promise to solve the food waste issue over night but if we can begin to reroute food to those in need whilst be aware of and working with industry partners who are also working to alleviate food waste, we hope between us all that we can make a difference.

If you want to hear more about getting involved, please email