Top Tips For Encouraging Staff To Cycle

Published on by Ed Norton, Life Cycle UK.

As an alternative to a commute by car – which as we all know can be a nightmare in Bristol – cycling can allow for quicker and easier movement around the city. This can improve punctuality and helps to make missed appointments and unmanned offices a thing of the past, as employees benefit from the many bike routes offer rather than being stuck sat in a traffic jam.

Many employers are actively encouraging their staff to cycle as part of their daily commute for health and environmental reasons, or as part of a Green Travel Plan. Build a fit, healthy and alert workplace by encouraging commuting by bike as a safe and sustainable mode of transport among employees.

Five Top Tips for Encouraging Staff to Cycle

  • Provide adequate cycle parking for your staff, customers and visitors. Having secure cycle parking on site means people are much more likely to travel to you by bike, as they know there will be somewhere safe to lock-up their bike when they arrive. This doesn’t have to be an expensive measure – far from it: Life Cycle UK offers small businesses and community groups in Bristol up to four free cycle parking stands free of charge under its Take a Stand scheme. Making emergency repair kits and pumps available where bikes are parked will also encourage confidence & get staff on their bikes.
  • Offer cycle theory sessions and support your staff to learn how to ride confidently and safely on busy roads or in challenging conditions. This can be delivered at your place of work through one-to-one cycle lessons for individuals, which can be combined with theory sessions or work as a stand-alone session; and ‘Drop in’ cycle safety lunchtime sessions to fit into a busy schedule. You could also offer a quick and easy recap for those who have cycled in the past and want to get back into it. Book in for a cycle training workshop in Bristol or the wider region.
  • Offer Dr Bike cycle surgeries, which have always proven popular as a first step to getting more people cycling in a number of organisations. A cycle-therapist can bring these sessions straight to your door, and run sessions at your work place to check over bikes, make simple repairs and adjustments to get your staff cycling efficiently. The cycle surgeries get bikes working smoothly and safely, as well as offering helpful and impartial advice about bike care and maintenance. Experienced mechanics can fix punctures, tune gears, fit new brake blocks, replace cables, and make any other adjustments that need to be done. Often a fully functioning bike is all that’s needed to nudge people into cycling and give them the confidence to get out on the road and experience the joys of cycling. You can book your Dr Bike session with Life Cycle UK online.
  • Provide on-site washing and changing facilities, or negotiate discounts with local gyms to access their facilities. If you don’t have room inside your building it might be worth investigate the potential for a Shower Hub in your courtyard/ outdoor area.
  • Create a cycling culture – offering incentives such as a generous mileage allowance or signing up to the Cycle to Work scheme incentivises staff to leave the car at home and hop on their bike!