Are you preparing your business for a changing climate?

Published on by Katharina Held.

The Environment Agency’s Climate Ready Support Service, in collaboration with a MSc. student from the University of Bristol, is seeking organisations to participate in an upcoming research project examining climate change adaptation.

What it is about?

This project is called When Costs Matter: Understanding the relative importance of the financial case in adaptation decision making. The research team would like to gain a better understanding of what drives business to adapt to climate change and are especially interested in how information on the costs and benefits of adaptation actions featured in the decision-making process. For this project they are looking to work with businesses that have taken some form of action to address climate risks and are willing to share their experience in an interview.

This study offers the great opportunity to contribute to a better understanding of successful adaptation implementation as well as sharing best practice among businesses. The results will shape Climate Ready to support businesses that are planning to adapt to a changing climate.

If you are interested in taking part in a short interview to share your knowledge and experience, please use the button below to contact Katharina Held by Monday, 25th May 2015.

Can you help by taking part in the study?

Interviews will take place between 22nd June and 8th July. Interviews will take a maximum of 1 hour and will be conducted either in person or via telephone or Skype. The questions will focus on the company’s experience of climate adaptation, especially the decision-making process. Your input would be very valuable and much appreciated!