We’re bowled over by activity in Business Green Week!

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Business Green Week 2015 has been hailed a huge success. Many businesses find it difficult to enthuse employees in green practices; after all, who wants to be told off for leaving lights on or using the wrong bin?! Many a disheartened facilities manager has found that the stick approach simply doesn’t work – there is a need for a carrot so that employees actually want to be green in the workplace.

Enter Business Green Week, which sets to address this by putting fun into the functional side of going green. Businesses are encouraged to come up with creative initiatives, such as handing out seeds for staff to plant, going on lunchtime nature walks, making cakes from locally sourced ingredients and even doing lunchtime yoga sessions – which appear to be far better at raising awareness and changing behaviour than tired stickers nagging people to turn off the printer.

Business Green Week 2015 took place from 15th-19th June 2015.We’ve been blown away by the level of engagement of businesses locally. Read on to see for yourself what people have been up to !

1. Business West set up an al fresco desk

2. Alec French Architects gave out cool desk plants to everyone with climate change facts

3. Nash Partnership handed out chive seeds to their staff to plant

4. Kambe Events experimented with alternatives to using the kettle for a week!

5. UNITE Students staff took photos of them performing energy saving actions!

6. Alder King gave out plants and showed environmental films at lunchtime

7. Knowle West Media Centre got out gardening in the sunshine

8. Sustain Ltd planted a milk bottle garden in the office

9. Stride Treglown got out to play volleyball in the garden

10. Harmsen Tilney Shane started a sunflower growing contest

11. Low Carbon South West went out spending Bristol Pounds

12. Stripe OLT got talking to their colleagues in their London office via weblink (telling them about Go Green and Business Green Week!)

13. Berwick Lodge handed out bee friendly seeds to staff and their hotel guests!

14. Ashfords invited Riverford to come in and talk to their staff about getting fresh, organic veg boxes delivered

15. Arup went on a lunchtime nature walk and even sampled some strawberries along the way

16. And the winner is:  Stride Treglown ran a Man vs Machine Challenge that aimed to find out the best way to commute in Bristol traffic – check out their video!

What is Business Green Week?

The Business Green Week concept began in 2013 when Stride Treglown, Business West and DAS Legal, meeting through the Green Capital Partnership realised that they were each running their own internal “Green Weeks” to engage employees in sustainable issues. By compiling the best ideas from these organisations as to how to engage employees in a wide range of sustainable issues from travel to wellbeing and getting support from The Schumacher Institute and Low Carbon South West, the Business Green Week Guide was born.

You can download the easy to use Business Green Week Guide here!

Have you been running a Business Green Week?

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