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Published on by Nina Gillespie.

This year Sustrans is delivering the Good Transport Plan on behalf of the Bristol Green Capital Partnership Transport Group, an exciting visionary document that incorporates the transport schemes happening across the city alongside the aspirations for Bristol’s transport future. In the words of Enrique Peñalosa, Mayor of Bogotá, Colombia, 1998-2001 “An advanced city is not a place where the poor move about in cars, rather it’s where even the rich use public transportation”

Images from Metrowest and Metrobus

 Businesses utilise Bristol’s transportation system in so many dynamic ways:

  • Do your staff commute to and from your office stressed by traffic delays and a lack of parking, or arrive invigorated and alert after a safe cycle ride or walk?
  • Do your employees drive to meetings in their own cars that are aging and inefficient, or use low-emission company cars with fleet telematics for maximum efficiency?
  • Do you use a courier service that delivers your post by driving around the congested city centre in large vans or by nipping around the streets using only peddle power?
  • Do you transport your goods using lots of articulated lorries, or do you use the freight consolidation centre to minimise inner city congestion?

No matter how your organisation interacts with the transport system of Bristol you can have a say on its future and how you want it to support your business reliability and growth.

So Sustrans want you to tell them what you think is important to delivering a sustainable transport future.

The Good Transport Plan will be an ambitious tool that has some simple, agreed aims to inspire people at every level, from individuals and community organisations, to businesses and government officials, to make small changes or take big actions that can help to deliver the vision of a more sustainable transport future.

Sustrans want to make sure that this is a truly shared vision that includes voices from across Bristol and so they want you to tell them what your priorities are, from behaviour change to infrastructure and community building.

To find out more information on the Good Transport Plan, email Nina Gillespie at

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Sustrans’ Top Tips For Creating a Sustainable Transport Future

You can help to create a culture of sustainable travel in your workplace already through incentives that encourage employees to feel like there is something in it for them too.

1. Introduce a cycle mileage scheme

This is a policy to pay staff for the number of miles they cycle during work time, making it a viable option for travel to meetings in the local area. It’s also a great opportunity for employees to take a break from sitting at the desk and get some fresh air and light exercise.

2. Give priority parking to car-sharers

Get your car-sharing scheme up and running within your workplace by offering priority parking spaces for cars that have driven in 2 or more employees. If you have parking pressures at your facilities then this guarantee can go a long way in encouraging your employees to sign up to your car-sharing scheme.

3. Provide free breakfasts for those who travel in more sustainably

Daily incentives or prizes for those who travel in more sustainably can give employees a little more motivation to keep it up, be it by foot, bike, public transport or car-sharing and can help to build relationships, for example, over a shared croissant and coffee.

4. Sign up to the Big Commuting Challenge

Get your employees into the competitive spirit and sign your workplace up to the Big Commuting Challenge before 31 July 2015. Not only can you compete against other individuals and workplaces, but there are also prize draws on offer every week to make every sustainable journey that much more worthwhile.

Go Green have lots of tips and advice you can follow to help build a more sustainable transport future for Bristol, see the links below.

To contribute to the Good Transport Plan, complete the short survey, it will only take a few minutes and your views are highly valued.