Go Green members are taking on the Big Commuting Challenge

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You still have until the end of July to start logging journeys as part of the Big Commuting Challenge. This 2 month event is a perfect excuse to have some fun with your team and settle some departmental rivalries by competing across your organisation for the most journeys traveled.

It’s been brilliant to see Go Green members rising up the leaderboard for each category of workplace size as they get higher and higher percentage participation rates from their staff.

Simply switch the way you and your team travel to work. Every single journey made by walking, cycling, public transport, car sharing or any other sustainable mode instead of taking a car alone can be logged on the easy to access website and app. Working from home also counts as this contributes to another vehicle off the road.

Over 4000 people have registered for the challenge so far this year, so don’t miss out, get involved now! Once you start logging journeys you can access the fab offers like discounted weekly bus tickets and maybe win one of the competition prizes, for example £30 of Spotify vouchers.

Go Green wanted to find out what it is like for Go Green members who take part, so we asked Delyth Williams from Harmsen Tilney Shane to give us the lowdown……

Delyth from Harmsen Tilney Shane tells her story

Getting started

I first heard about the Big Commuting Challenge when the link came up in our Go Green Action Plan. We started on the 1st June along with the rest of Bristol and immediately everyone’s friendly competitive streak began to show! We had people car sharing, cycling, running and using public transport which is great considering our office is located outside of Bristol. Everyone made a huge conscious effort to consider how they were getting to work in a more environmentally friendly way. Some of us recorded how were travelling, I took pictures of my run to work and Samantha snapped her train journeys.

Everyone made a huge conscious effort to consider how they were getting to work in a more environmentally friendly way.

Delyth Williams, Harmsen Tilney Shane

Business Green Week

There was a big push during Business Green Week to take part, day four was ‘Better Travel’ day and the whole business made an effort with our poster using the Business Green Week templates as a gentle reminder. A £30 voucher for River Cottage Canteen on Whiteladies Rd was given to the winner which really helped encourage people to log their commuting and workplace journeys. The prize actually went to our MD which was fantastic as our work with Planet First has highlighted that he is the biggest culprit when it comes to carbon footprint through travelling! Our newly installed video conferencing facility enabled him to make the choice as to whether he physically needed to jump in his car and make the journey to the office. As it was our MD he’s taking us all for drinks to share the prize and celebrate his win! We’ve definitely got people out of cars with car shares ramping up as people consciously trying to arrange their car shares during the week. Samantha and I even enjoyed a ride on a tandem!

Tips for increasing participation 

I think more incentives would help, possibly hi-viz or water bottles for those who cycle, and maybe a travel voucher for those who use a bus or train as the cost can outweigh using the car! We already have bike racks and a shower facility to support cycling and running to work, it’s just the additional time to do it. It took me an hour to run 7miles whereas in a car it’s about 25mins. Having said that the views running through Ashton Court are much more appealing than getting stuck in traffic!

The biggest challenge

General feedback was the journeys using public transport was dictated by the times they ran, and as we’re located outside of Bristol it was quite tricky. A lot of forward planning was involved.


Participation has slowed down but I think the weather has a lot to answer for….we’re doing so well on the leaderboard with a few more logged journeys I’m hopeful to climb it even further (I’m guilty of the competitive streak as well)

It was inspiring to hear what one business has been up to so how great would it be if all Go Green member organisations supported their staff to take part and contribute to a reduction in congestion and air pollution this summer? Your business could also win an award to celebrate your achievements!

Images courtesy of Delyth Williams

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