Changing Behaviours To Reduce Energy Consumption

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“UK workplaces are missing out on more than £300 million a year in savings that could be achieved through encouraging employees to adopt behaviours that reduce energy use and waste.”  The Carbon Trust

Your staff are your greatest asset when it comes to energy saving. Even if you invest in all the newest energy saving technology, they have to be on board to maximise the efficiency, but sometimes this is easier said than done!

We worked with Prove It member JRP Solutions to run an introductory workshop on energy consumption and how to encourage and empower staff to support reduction measures.

After giving us a bit of background on energy production and why increasingly levels of carbon dioxide are such an issue, Jes Rutter explained what to look out for when assessing how much energy your workplace consumes.

Energy Audit

The workshop was kindly hosted by Foot Anstey who benefitted from a practice 20 minutes energy audit that we did in groups. We recorded processes using energy, identified opportunities to reduce energy consumption and suggested ideas about how this could be done.

Things that we were looking out for:

  1. Operating hours
  2. Settings
  3. Leaks and poor insulation
  4. Operation, control and predictability of use
  5. Why are things on standby and not off at the plug?
  6. Do technology operators understand the impact of their energy use?

Group suggestions for reducing energy consumption after the audit:

  • Install a timer on the water cooler – does it need to be cooling at night?
  • Install automatic lighting in areas that are left empty for long periods of time to prevent lights being left on all day
  • Position light bulbs in the ceiling for more even light coverage where needed
  • Remove frosted covering from light fittings to maximise light from each bulb, leading to a reduction in the number of bulbs required to be on at one time
  • Open window blinds to let in natural light where appropriate and empower staff to be able to override passive infrared lighting system when natural light is preferable
  • Turn off at the plug unused kitchen appliances, especially at the end of the day and before the weekend
  • Make it easy for staff to turn off equipment that is hard to reach, such as a ceiling mounted projector

Get top tips on behaviour change to reduce energy consumption

As a result of the workshop with JRP Solutions we have produced a guide with top tips on behaviour change to reduce energy consumption.