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Refill Bristol is a project to help eliminate the waste of single-use plastic water bottles from Bristol’s streets, the surrounding areas and the oceans by creating a network of free, environmentally friendly, water refill points in publicly accessible spaces and offices. Refill Bristol is being run by project partners Bristol 2015, City to Sea, FRANK Water and Go Green.

So far this week we have had a press launch, a partner launch and have danced all over Bristol, and this is just the beginning. The number of businesses signing up to become Refill Stations is increasingly daily, as people across the city sign up their own venues, volunteers sign up their local cafes and whole chains join the movement;

  • Cafes like the Bristolian, The Canteen and Salt Cafe
  • Public spaces: Colston Hall, Ashton Court Park Cafes and other BCC park cafes
  • Supermarkets and shops including SpecSavers, Lush and the regions’ Lloyds Pharmacies
  • Businesses like Triodos and RBS – there are already two large companies looking to get the Refill Bristol logos printed on their own bottles!

As a Go Green member, we encourage you to get involved, demonstrate your green credentials and encourage people to Refill Bristol by popping into businesses displaying the Refill logo to fill up reusable bottles for free.

If you have publicly accessible space such as a reception area or lobby you can become a Refill Station by calling Matt at Go Green on 0117 945 8731 or email – we don’t mind how you refill bottles, it can be direct from the tap or from a cooler – we even have people setting up custom stations with jugs and cucumber!

If you don’t have the facilities for this but would still like to be part of Refill Bristol we can talk to you about helping your staff reduce their bottles water use, installing water points for your staff and providing promotional materials. You can also encourage your local cafes, shops, doctor’s surgeries to get involved or canvass your local streets with a few stickers and posters.

Photo credits: Jon Craig

Flash Flask Mobs

The Refill Bristol Flask Mobs went down really well in St.Nicks Market, Broadmeads and around the Fountains this week, with the whole Bristol 2015 office joining in. There are more Flask Mobs planned so contact us if you would like to join in!

Refill Bristol Press:
Bristol 24/7
Made in Bristol TV (it’s the first story)
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Start your Plastics Action Plan

To celebrate the successful launch of Refill Bristol we have produced a Plastics Action Plan to help you reduce plastics waste and single-use plastics in the workplace which will shortly be accessible through the Go Green Action Plan; you can download guidance from our resource page.

Adopt a refilling system in your workplace with reusable glasses and bottles championed over disposable plastics and share your actions with us – Go Green can talk to you about helping your staff reduce their bottled water use, installing water points for your staff and providing promotional materials.

Why is Refill Bristol needed?

The ‘evidence’ for reducing use of plastic bottles is, unfortunately, abundant;

  • Around the banks of the Avon, on our streets and our local beaches; an estimated 20 million tonnes of plastics end up in the ocean every year (ref. 1).
  • In the UK about 35 litres of bottled water are consumed per person per year (ref. 2) –that’s over 4 billion bottles of water to be disposed of with only around 17% ( ref.3) currently being recycled!
  • Less visibly – but just as importantly – tap water has less than 1/200th the carbon footprint of bottled water (ref.4).

1 Marine Conservation Society UK
2 British Bottled Water Producers
4 Bristol Water

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There is a good overview of the project and events on the website