Plant your roots and we will help you grow!

Published on by Aelliey Kelly.

One of the most successful actions of 2015 has been bringing greenery in to the office and plant growing competitions. ESOS-Energy loved this idea so much they now have a great incentive for you to take part in a Go Green-wide competition. Aelliey from ESOS-Energy explains more below.

Taking a leaf out of our book will help you to lower your energy spend, save money and help the environment! Just enter our ‘bring a plant to work’ competition and win a free energy audit for your Bristol based office!

As an energy consultancy in the heart of 2015’s Green Capital, we feel very strongly about the environment. As a result of our hugely successful internal ‘bring a plant to work’ competition we are thrilled to be teaming up with Go Green to extend our competition to all Go Green members in an effort to promote sustainable values and, in turn help others in reducing their energy consumption with the prize of an energy audit.

All you need is some plants in your workplace, (these can be bought new, or you may be ahead of the game and already have some greenery in your place of work – this also qualifies).

“Having plants in the office has been beneficial, we have created a small jungle and it has allowed us to improve the air quality." – Adrian Newton, Sales Director

To have a chance of winning….

Upload a picture of your plant(s) to Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #GetGrowingBristol and the tags @EsosEnergy and @GoGreenBristol

The winner will be picked at random so everyone has an equal chance of winning!

If you are the lucky winner the audit will be able to highlight specific ways in which your company can lower your energy usage – providing you with reduced energy bills whilst doing your bit for the environment. However, all entrants will be winners as you will be able to see and feel the benefits from having greenery in the office.

Benefits of plants in the office:

  • Reduces Stress
  • Increases Productivity
  • Reduces Sickness
  • Cleaner Air
  • Improved working environment

The competition element has really helped as we have a broad range of plants in the office, giving it a colourful vibrant atmosphere. I recommend every office should get plants for the office as it creates a positive vibe and improves morale.” – Adrian Newton, Sales Director

The competition will run from January 11th till March 25th 2016

So get going with your growing!