How Happy are your staff and customers?

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There is compelling evidence that improving happiness and wellbeing delivers increases in profit, productivity and innovation. Happier workers are healthier, more effective in teams, and provide better customer service. Happier businesses attract and retain staff and customers alike.

Bristol is home to Happy City, a leading charity and social enterprise that is challenging narrow views of how cities measure prosperity.  They have developed, in partnership with global experts, the world-leading Happy City Index. This includes an innovative user-friendly measurement tool called the Happiness Pulse, that maps how people are feeling and functioning in their day to day lives.

In preparation for a national and international launch at the end of this year, Happy City is offering organisations across their home city FREE use of the Happiness Pulse measurement tool this year.

The Happiness Pulse is a low cost online solution to collecting detailed, rigorous and fully validated data on a range of broad wellbeing measures, helping you map and improve the wellbeing of your staff, customers, users, patients or stakeholders.  All organisations signing up during this city-scale pilot will receive a unique code enabling them to receive, free-of-charge, the data from their user group in 2016.

Not only can this data be used to support growing wellbeing in your organisation and to demonstrate the social value of your work, it will form part of the city-wide project to understand and improve wellbeing throughout the city.  This work is at the forefront of putting people, place and planet back into policy and decision making at every level and this is your chance to put your organisation in the vanguard of this fast expanding field.

To get involved with this unique opportunity, or go to one of the free introductory workshops email by the end of April.