Invest in Local Solar Generation with Bristol Energy Cooperative Bond Offer!

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Bristol Energy Co-Operative (BEC) talk to us about their exciting bond offer that is open until the 3rd May and how it can link to the five Go Green themes…

BEC is raising money to fund an ambitious portfolio of solar projects to bring more clean, renewable energy to the local community. This includes:

·         financing the development of a solar farm in Lawrence Weston

·         the installation of solar panels on 19 community buildings across Bristol

·         financing BEC’s operating solar farm in Somerset

This is a huge opportunity to greatly expand the Bristol solar generation network and work towards the city’s 2050 zero carbon targets. Increasingly, economists are encouraging investments in renewables with the World Economic Fund calling for financial systems to modify in order to “unleash climate-resilient, low-carbon investments.”

BEC is giving local businesses and individuals, the power to make an impact locally. With two successful fund-raises behind them and a strong board of directors, an investment in BEC offers the opportunity to help to grow the local economy and strengthen energy security as well as to make a financial return.

How does an investment fit into the Go Green Action Plan?

Here are just a few of the ways an investment in BEC can help with your Go Green Action Plan.

Sustainable Sourcing

BEC’s solar programme comes from individual and business investors leveraged by loan funding. Each PV installation is modeled to pay back its capital cost within its operational lifetime.  You can invest via:

·         a bond offer (2 years with a fixed rate of 6% interest p/a)*

·         a share offer (5% p/a with a minimum investment of just £50)

Happy & Healthy

Surplus profits from the solar array will be reinvested into a community fund that local groups can apply for. On completion of this fund-raise, £100,000 will be available in 2016, with £70,000 available each year for 25 years. See how community energy works in this short animation:

This video describes Bristol Energy Co-operatives solar scheme, and the many positive social and environmental outcomes of investing in it. Hear the experiences from community building owners and investors who have all benefitted from the scheme... anyone can #OwnIt

Energy & Efficiency

Rooftop solar installations benefit the building owners & users by reducing energy bills and the carbon footprint of the building.  Watch this video above to hear how Easton Community Centre reduced energy costs by 50% along with other initiatives.

Planning & Resilience

Solar PV is one of the most reliable sources of electricity. It has no moving parts and the panels have upwards of 25 year estimated lifespans.

The renewables revolution is happening!

Over £1.5 million has been raised in just a few months; BEC’s 4.6 MW solar farm in Puriton is already constructed and generating clean electricity and solar panels have already been installed on Easton Community Centre and Brentry Children’s Centre.

How to get involved – meet the directors

There are still plenty of opportunities for people to join the scheme and fully realise the potential of this opportunity. This ethical, clean-energy fund is available through the award-winning positive investment and savings platform, Ethex, where you can find out more about investing in the bond offer.

The countdown is on until this investment opportunity closes on 3rd May 2016. Be part of the solution!

The BEC directors are interested to talk to local businesses of all sizes about how we can work together. If you would like to discuss how you, your staff or your business could get more involved, please see the website, email or call 07503 372 689.

*The value of an investment may go up as well as down. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. An investment in the bond offer carries risk and you may lose the whole value of your investment. Please consider this carefully in the context of the complete share and bond offer documents and related information, and if needed, seek independent advice.

Investment decisions must only be made on the basis of the share and bond offer documents. Your original investment capital may be at risk and any return on your investment depends on the success of Bristol Energy Cooperative’s business as a whole. You should read the offer documents in full, including the risk factors set out in the offer documents, and the terms and conditions regarding this offer at before investing. You should consider taking appropriate financial and other advice before making any investment decision.