Green Retrofit Business Breakfast at City Hall

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On Wednesday 15th June, over 80 guests and Go Green members joined us and sponsors Alec French Architects at Bristol City Hall to explore the recent renovation and to overlook the subject of green retrofit.

After a delicious and sustainably sourced breakfast of cinnabons, muffins and granola, Nigel Dyke from Alec French Architects talked about their involvement in the innovative city hall refurbishment project. He spoke about the importance of incorporating carbon savings into the green retrofit, along with keeping the heritage of the grade II listed building.

Nigel explored the different carbon savings approaches, such as low carbon technology, ventilation and LED lighting. Engagement with the right stakeholders, such as Historic England, was noted to be very important to understand the building and conservation policies to complete the green retrofit.

Next Lucy Murray-Brown, from Bristol City Council, shared the financial savings made from the Bristol Workplace Programme and her experience in managing cultural change for City Hall’s new agile working practices. The programme focuses on people, place and technology, and investment into open space working and aligning cultural levers to encouarge people to thrive.

She went on to explore the sustainable travel options that City Hall have introduced, such as 33 pool cars, 4 electric bikes, cycle storage, shower facilities, and removing all staff car parking, which is important in a city like Bristol.

Whats In Your Box?

Alison Crowther and Kate Swatridge were next to speak from Made To Last to talk about resilience for businesses. They explained that companies need to make resilience easy, enjoyable and effective for staff and all who depend on them. This can be achieved by using business focused psychology and a new innovate game for businesses created by Made To Last to get businesses thinking and talking about resilience in a fun and interactive way. ‘What’s in your box’ puts people into real life business resilience scenarios to discuss the actions and consequences.

Nine To Thrive

Nicola Rich from Nine to Thrive spoke about workplace wellbeing, and what a healthy workplace should look like. Having this vision enables you to develop a realistic wellbeing programme. Nine to Thrive can provide a clear guide and a local network of people and services that can provide the education, solutions and support for your workforce. Go Green will be working with Nine to Thrive in October for Healthy City Week in conjunction with Workplace Wellbeing Week.

We then heard some great 60 second pitches:

  • Mathias Hery from ETS
  • Samantha Mant from Halycan Water Conditioners
  • Toby Collis from Co-Wheels Car Club
  • Mukti Mitchell from Cosy Home Company
  • Steve Sliney from Collecto
  • Brian Fox from Lighting Services
  • Mike Edwards from Ocuair Ltd

City Hall Tour

Breaking off in to small groups, we were taken on an exclusive, behind the scenes tour of the newly renovated City Hall. This gave Go Green members insight into the new office spaces and the preserved heritage in the grade II listed building. The tour started on the ground floor where the new design is purposed to draw people in to the idea of an open work space.

The 1st floor has been preserved as a ‘heritage floor’ where historical features such as pig skin doors, large stone fireplaces and wooden flooring have been restored and celebrated. In the council chamber new technology has been discreetly incorporated to make the space highly practical for meetings, debates and video conferencing. The tour provided delegates with a exclusive look at the incredible changes happening at City Hall, which will have a positive effect on employees work life.