Workplace Wellbeing Week 2016

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We first introduced the idea of a Workplace Wellbeing Week in 2015, as we didn’t want the workplace to miss out on the fun of Bristol’s Healthy City Week.

Workplace Wellbeing Week runs from Saturday 15th October until Sunday 23rd 2016 and aims to inspire people in the workplace to achieve a higher sense of wellbeing, engagement and a healthier lifestyle.

The idea is for the business to think up as many weird and wonderful ideas to engage staff in Wellbeing activities, for example; a yoga class, hulu hoop competition, mindfulness class, a walk and talk meeting, ‘what makes you happy’ photo competition, mental health awareness talk for managers, or even a pedometer challenge with your clients!

Each day of the week has a specific theme:

Monday is about our own personal wellbeing and the responsibility we have to ourselves to live well.

Tuesday is about focusing on the potential positive impact we can have on the wellbeing of those around us.

Wednesday is about the opportunity leaders have to influence employee wellbeing in a positive way.

Thursday is the positive impact our business can have locally

Friday is all about the impact our businesses has on our planet.

One of the questions we are frequently asked is why have we linked wellbeing & sustainability so closely together?

Our answer is they are not just linked, but are intrinsic to one another; a person’s wellbeing is dependent on a healthy natural environment in a number of ways. Fundamentally, however, the natural world provides the material foundations of our wellbeing – a stable climate, food, fibre, energy, clean air and water, and other natural resources, without which we simply could not survive, let alone thrive.

The benefits of taking part in Workplace Wellbeing Week are several fold. As well as being great fun, the activities encourage staff engagement, help reduce stress, foster more creative thinking and make us proud of where we work.

Some companies will use the week to kick-start their Workplace Wellbeing Programme, whereas other companies that are further ahead will use the week to showcase their achievements and to think-up even more ambitious activities. Clifton based Architects Stride Treglown became the first organisation in the UK to receive ‘Excellence’ in the workplace wellbeing charter and are thinking big and bold for Wellbeing Week, their plans are top secret but rumour has it Costa Rica might be involved!

We hope you will join us by taking part in Workplace Wellbeing Week. We also hope you have as much fun as we do planning your week and we would love to hear how you are getting on!

To take part in Workplace Wellbeing Week register your business HERE and download the FREE Workplace Wellbeing Pack!