Sustainable Commuting At Your Fingertips

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In just three short months, Go Green Prove It members Slide have already been recognised in the Travel West Business Awards in the Most Innovative Sustainable Travel Measure category.

Slide – aimed at easing the pain of commuting in this very congested city – is a more flexible, more local and more personal bus service which you conveniently book, track and pay for through an app.

Once you’ve downloaded the app just tell it where you live, where you want to travel to and choose from a range of pickup times.

You’ll be shown exactly where your nearest pickup point is on an interactive map and can track your Slide and get real-time updates for your journey.

Slide pride themselves on their flexible, reliable service and friendly drivers, which customers have rated a cool 4.9 out of 5 stars!

“Great company, great people and a great new addition to Bristol’s daily commute” Joe Simmons, Slide commuter

“Half the cost of an Uber, Half the time of a bus” Nick Sturge, Engine shed

A Greener Bristol

Slide, with their fleet of eight transporters, is hoping to reduce emissions as well as congestion on Bristol’s roads by:

·         Pooling together commuters travelling on similar journeys

·         Tempting drivers away from taking the car to work

·         Reducing the number of people taking single occupancy (and more expensive) taxis

In the three months since it launched it has delivered 16,000 miles of shared commuter rides across the city.

If you haven’t tried Slide yet, get your first ride for free.

Simply Download the app here to book!