An introduction to The Natural Step from Sustain-Live Consulting

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At the Go Green workshop on Wednesday 30th November, Traci Lewis from Sustain-Live Consulting – an advisor for international sustainable development agency The Natural Step (TNS) – gave a presentation about their framework, as another useful tool to embed sustainability into your business.

You can see a write-up of the whole workshop here.

TNS supports leaders in developing the knowledge, skills and tools they need to take bold steps toward sustainability. Through a comprehensive science-based framework that helps people answer the question “How do I know when my organisation is sustainable?” and take step-by-step actions to get there.

To help achieve this the Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development identifies four core principles which define a sustainable society, which are then used as a lens through which to develop a vision, strategy and plan

Backcasting is used to develop the sustainability journey – to envision the desired situation in the future – when we are successfully aligned with our sustainability principles. Then we identify the gap between our current position and the future we want to achieve, and finally we identify smart actions and pathways between the current reality and our vision for the future. This is a proven effective method that can be used to guide any sustainability strategy and project.

Early adopters for the framework were Nike who trained their employees to use The Natural Step Framework between 1998 and 2001, leading to numerous innovative programs to further its sustainability goals. In 2008, Nike partnered with The Natural Step again to help assess and further develop its approach to product innovation by defining a long-term vision for sustainable products. The resulting North Star vision and innovation goals positioned Nike to become a leader in sustainable product innovation and navigate toward a sustainable future.

If you would like to find out more about how you could apply these tools to your business or project please contact Traci Lewis, Sustain-Live Consulting,  @Sustain_Live  @TraciLewis79

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