How important is training and awareness in the Go Green journey?

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With so many things to think about in the sustainability agenda and the day to day running of business. How important is environmental training and awareness for the different sectors of your business? Who needs to know what and when?

Traditionally environmental responsibility has been placed with one or two employees within an organisation and these individuals have had the onerous task to make the changes required. But in order to embed sustainability and environmental management throughout your organisation it is imperative to upskill all relevant colleagues from buyers to shop floor staff. Whilst there are many other aspects such as leadership, strategy, objectives and robust procedures that need to be in place as part of the Go Green journey I would argue that training and awareness is the glue that pulls all of these elements together to make them successful.

There are numerous benefits that have been delivered back to business as a result. They include financial savings from the reduction of water and energy use and improved segregation of waste. Increased compliance with environmental legislation and the prevention and reduction of pollution events. Employees feel invested in as part of their own personnel development and most importantly it enables the creation of a more sustainable culture that embeds environmental management in the day to day operation of what we do.

That is why I have chosen to deliver the IEMA approved training as one of the services delivered by Sustainability and Environmental Management Solutions. Part of the IEMA All Jobs Greener offering the different training courses are suited to various management levels to make it an appropriate learning experience. The Leading With Environmental Sustainability is pitched to explore and enhance environmental strategy at Director level. Managing With Environmental Sustainability is suitable for managers that can influence the organisations value chain and make this greener as well as covering the basic principles of environmental management. Whereas the Working With Environmental Sustainability course is for any members of staff that need to know the basic principles of environmental management. If you would like to know more information about any of these courses and enjoy a 15% Go Green discount please get in touch with Tania Palk at SEM Solutions via or 07791 011492