Go Green Exclusive Commuter Ferry Grand Launch

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On the morning of Tuesday 28th March 2017, Go Green hosted the Exclusive Commuter Ferry Grand Launch in partnership with Bristol Ferry who provided the lovely Brigantia as the venue, and Stride Treglown who explored their 52 Big Ideas for Bristol along the route. With the sun shining, it was a fantastic start to everyone’s day and a great insight into Bristol Ferry’s new commuter service.

All guests met at the Temple Meads Station Landing in the heart of Temple Quay business quarter, where everyone excitedly boarded the Brigantia – one of five boats currently in the Ferry fleet which has both outdoor and indoor seating as well as heating and a lavatory.

Aboard, we were greeted by the Bristol Ferry team, who are  celebrating the 40th anniversary of the first ferry service in Bristol and are also in the process of designing and building a new hybrid ferry.

As we made our way down towards Bristol City Centre, Philippa from Bristol Ferry explored the history of the company, and the support they have received recently from Low Carbon South West and Stride Treglown. Philippa also spoke about the upcoming launch of the commuter service,  providing Bristolians with a more sustainable and relaxing way to get to and from work, via 17 stops from Temple Meads Station to Hotwells.

The commuter service offers a relaxing journey with no congestion and magnificent views – a great alternative to the infamous congested streets of Bristol. When the commuter service launches on Monday 3rd April, tickets will be as little as £1.50, with great value clippy tickets offering 8 journeys for £11.00

For more information and ticket details, click here or please contact info@bristolferry.com

Small Bristol Ferry Waterways Map updated 2017

Next, Rob Delius & Laurence Richards from Stride Treglown explored their 52 Big Ideas for Bristol which was released in 2016 to celebrate the diversity and breadth of possibilities within the city. Rob explained that Bristol has been an innovator throughout history and should continue aiming to be a leader of innovation and sustainability in the future, which 52 Big Ideas aims to help with.

Ideas include dying the Floating Harbour green, which has been done elsewhere and has created a stunning effect for a few days. The dyes are natural and have no impact on wildlife or water quality. Doing so would highlight the wonderful asset of the Floating Harbour and raise awareness of water quality in Bristol.

Another idea is to bring back the popular artificial Bristol Beach that was set up some years ago, but this time make it permanent – artificial beaches are a big draw in some European countries like Germany! This would provide a safe open-air place to swim next to and would be a great attraction in the summer.

Rob and Laurence went on to talk about more of the ideas that Stride Treglown discuss in 52 Big Ideas For Bristol – to check them all out, click here.

We would like to thank our speakers from Stride Treglown and our magnificent hosts Bristol Ferry for making this event engaging – we couldn’t stop smiling – and also a huge thank you to all attendees – we hope you found it worthwhile and came away with some useful insights and ideas to take to your work days.

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