Business Green Week Goes Wild for 2017!

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Business Green Week is a chance for businesses in the West of England to spend one week having fun whilst showing their employees, clients and customers how they are adopting better business practices

For 2017, we are encouraging businesses to run their own Business Green Week during June while incorporating the themes of Avon Wildlife Trust’s 30 Days Wild.  But it doesn’t stop here, Go Green is supporting businesses to continue their green activities all year round!

How do I get involved?

Taking part in Business Green Week is easy, all you need to do is;

1) Register on Eventbrite so we know you that you are taking part – we will also send you the 2017 Business Green Week pack for tips and inspiration

2) Plan your week! Read the guide and take inspiration! Also check out Twitter, the hashtag #BusinessGreenWeek is full of ideas from the last two years.

3) Document your activities and share them on social media, so your customers know you are taking part and other businesses can be inspired!

See our collection of inspiring case studies full of tips to green your business, enthuse your team and make savings, then try them out during your wild Business Green Week in 2017!

You can use the easy-to-use guides to help you run your own internal green week in your workplace. The guide includes a huge range of ideas that are both engaging and fun, and are tried and tested ways to engage your colleagues with sustainability.

A recommended (but not compulsory) schedule focuses on five sustainability-related areas – one for each day of the working week. As part of the celebration of Avon Wildlife Trust’s 30 Days Wild some businesses are subsituting one of the suggested themed days for a ‘Wild Day’.

Monday – “Think Global”
Tuesday – “Act Local”
Wednesday – “Low Impact Day”
Thursday – “Better Travel Day”
Friday – “Feel Good Friday”
Participants are encouraged to get creative with how they spend their week. Last year, 70 organisations registered to take part and held all kinds of activities, from lunchtime nature walks to smoothie bikes and team travel challenges, locally sourced picnics in the park and even hula hooping competitions! See what businesses got up to!

If you decide to join in with Business Green Week in 2017 – please let us know you are doing so by signing up online, so we can send you news and updates throughout the week.

Don’t forget to share your photos with the hashtag #businessgreenweek