FREE cycle stands for Bristol businesses

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Cycling charity Life Cycle UK is offering small businesses, community groups and landlords in Bristol the chance to apply for FREE cycle parking stands, thanks to extended funding from Bristol City Council.

Bristol is truly a city of cyclists. Businesses with bicycle parking attract more customers to their doorsteps and reduce road congestion – perfect for those wishing to promote their green credentials.

Landlords who want to avoid scratched and scuffed interiors can install the stands outside their properties.

Sheffield stands are sturdy and secure, minimising the risk of tampering and theft.

This scheme, known as Take A Stand®, helps small organisations with limited resources to install safe cycle parking at their premises. The stands are provided and delivered completely FREE of charge – all the recipient has to do is install them.

Bristol-based organisations can apply for up to 4 FREE Sheffield stands each – enough to provide secure parking for 8 bikes.

Scheme Administrator, Frances McMillan, says: 
“Want secure cycle parking, but can’t afford to pay for it? Take A Stand® can help! This simple, hassle free scheme is specially designed to help small organisations encourage cycling. Free stands are offered on a first-come, first-served basis – so get in touch today!”

To apply for your free cycle stands, visit: or contact: