Healthcheck your Workplace – Go Green Breakfast Workshop with Skanska

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On Tuesday 25th July 2017, we were joined at the Future Economy Centre by Ludi Hall-Drinkwater and Rachel Quinn, Senior Environmental Advisors at Skanska, for a practical session on how all our workplaces can be more sustainable through both quicker wins and longer term measures.

Ludi started the event off with a presentation on how Skanska – and their facilities services teams – measure environmental impact using their Colour Palette, from ‘vanilla’ to ‘deep green’, and how this ties in with the Go Green Action Plan and its pillars. Ludi also talked us through how they had adapted the colour palette tool to apply to facilities management with its attention on energy, carbon, waste and water and also why carbon was the best current currency for environmental measures, including the ease of conversion to other metrics such as cost or units of energy. He also impressed upon us the importance of data – and the ability to analyse it –  to know what changes to make for maximum effect.

Skanska have bold sustainability ambitions for their UK business, aiming for 75% or work to be ‘green’ and a further 15% of projects ‘deep green’ (75% better than industry baseline performance with net zero against some colour palette criteria) by 2020. Skanska are also already diverting over 95% of their waste away from landfill, so are considering changing this measure to total waste produced rather than amounts to landfill – watch an Ellen Macarthur Foundation video about the circular economy shown here for further info.

Ludi also introduced Skanska’s two existing UK Deep Green projects; the Skanska Bentley Works offices in Doncaster & a wind farm built in Wales for Welsh Water.

See Ludi’s slides here

The room then broke into smaller groups lead by Ludi, Rachel and Matt Tudge of LCSW to discuss measures that everyone could take back to their workplaces to be more efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly as well as often saving money. These in-depth workshops continued for almost twice the planned time, as everyone wanted to keep going! We then finished the session with a quick recap followed by more informal discussion over breakfast.

Go Green would like to thank Ludi, Rachel and Skanska, for both the informative session and their continued support of Go Green.