Business Green Week

Business Green Week is a chance for businesses in the South West to spend one week having fun whilst proving to their employees, clients and customers how they are adopting greener business practices. In 2017 we are encouraging businesses to run their own Business Green Week any time throughout June and incorporate Avon Wildlife Trust’s 30 Days Wild. But it doesn’t stop here, Go Green is supporting businesses to continue their green activities all year round!

“Bristol’s Business Green Week in 2015 really helped us to raise the profile of sustainability issues amongst staff at BBC Bristol. Engaging people through daily sustainability themed events really worked and was also good fun”

Emma Peddie, Sustainable Production Advisor, BBC Bristol

Business Green Week comes at a great time half way through the year and acts as a time to recognise and celebrate the business community’s contribution to building a greener region. To find out what businesses got up to last year, take a look at our Storify that captures the buzzing social media coverage and get more tips from the blog.

How do we get involved?

To take part in Business Green Week, you need to

1) Register on Eventbrite – so we know you that you are taking part
Click here to sign up for free now!

2) Download the free how-to guide and supporting documents

3) Plan your week!
Read the guide and take inspiration! Also check out Twitter, the hashtag #BusinessGreenWeek is full of ideas from the past two years.

"Lots of good things came out of the week, but the most productive for us was the low energy day, which resulted in an 8% reduction in electricity use for that day when compared against the same day the week before. A lot of the measures we introduced on the Low Impact day have been carried forward as an office standard for the future.”

Zac Nicholson, Alec French Architects

How will we know what to do?

The easy to use guide includes a huge range of ideas to change small aspects of  your everyday workplace activities.

A recommended (but not compulsory) schedule focuses on five sustainability-related areas – one for each day of the working week. Some businesses are substituting one of the days for a ‘Go Wild’ day as a contribution to Avon Wildlife Trust’s 30 Days Wild.

Monday – “Think Global”
Tuesday – “Act Local”
Wednesday – “Low Impact Day”
Thursday – “Better Travel Day”
Friday – “Feel Good Friday”

Participants are encouraged to get creative with how they spend their week. In 2015 over 40 organisations took part and held all kinds of activities from lunchtime nature walks to team travel challenges – locally sourced picnics in the park and setting up a rooftop herb garden!

Every organisation that took part in Business Green Week pledged to do it again in 2016. Will you join them?

Don’t forget to share your photos with the hashtag #businessgreenweek