Case studies

Here you will find inspiring and engaging examples of thought leaders in the Bristol and West of England business community who are already going green and seeing the benefits. Learn from the experience of businesses from different sectors and sizes across the region, and access further information to enable your business to follow in their footsteps.

Image courtesy of Natracare

Case studies provide details of how and why changes were made in a particular business. Maximum benefit from these can be gained when viewed in conjunction with actions suggested in the Go Green Tool.

On the right hand side of the page you can select case studies by pillar such as Sustainable Sourcing or Travel and Transport.

Remember – if your business has made changes that others could learn from you can submit a case study and your company could appear here too.

Knowle West Media Centre are now travelling in style

Published on in Travel and Transport .

Attending the Go Green Business Breakfast events has inspired Knowle West Media Centre to improve on their already sizeable efforts towards sustainability. With support from Travel West they have been able to provide their staff with a green alternative for travel.

How Computershare are making a sustainable commute easy, convenient and safe

Published on in Travel and Transport by Computershare.

Computershare’s Sustainable Travel Plan written with help from Transport Planning Associates aims to increase sustainable commuting by providing staff with opportunities to choose more sustainable forms of travel and reduce single occupancy car journeys. 11% of the workforce now use a free staff bus each week, and a new bike shed provides secure storage for up to 165 cycles.