Find out how Bodywise are achieving fantastic energy savings since relocating

Published on in Energy and Efficiency by Bodywise.

When Bodywise directors decided to upsize, from leased premises in Avonmouth that were drafty and expensive to heat, to a large warehouse and office building, this was seen as a great opportunity to make improvements to reduce the company’s carbon footprint and improve efficiency.

"We have made financially viable decisions that contribute to a better working environment and have helped us to reduce our carbon dioxide impact despite moving to a much larger premises”

Jessica Gitsham, Bodywise

Bodywise were able to make some significant changes because they had a shell of a building and an opportunity to do so. However many of the changes such as lighting, extra roof insulation and bike storage are possible in lots of businesses. The directors worked very closely with the contractors and consulted staff on some elements. Below details some of the key decisions:

  • Moving over to a 100% renewable energy supplier for gas and electricity
  • Installing extra wall and roof insulation – especially important to ensure the warm offices did not lose heat into the cold warehouse
  • Introducing new modern radiators with thermostatic radiator valves, and staff given guidance on how to effectively control heating in the building
  • Ensuring the new toilets had a water saving dual-flush system – that were then clearly explained to staff
  • The company resolved that they would be in this building for the long term so investment in light-emitting diode (LED) lights and passive infrared sensors (PIR) would pay back.

Staff very quickly adapted to all the new measures, and the new offices achieve an amazing 41% reduction in electricity use!

The Bodywise team with their bikes!

In the new building some of the toilets were taken out and two shower rooms put in instead to provide better facilities for cyclists. An old shed outside was given a bit of TLC, a new door with a secure lock and some bicycle lock up hoops. This was a very cost efficient addition and has meant that staff have doubled their commutes by bike. Other staff have decided to do sport at lunchtimes since they can shower for the afternoon. All in all, it has promoted a healthier attitude to exercise at work – and means they are all used to seeing each other in lycra!