Green Hat feel the benefits of an electric bike on Bristol hills

Published on in Travel and Transport by Green Hat.

When Green Hat heard that they could have a free electric bike trial through the Local Sustainable Transport Fund they leapt at the chance. The trial period was for three months and during that time they travelled 73.6 miles to meet clients all over Bristol.

The biggest distance covered in one week was 25 miles and they found it a great way to get to meetings further afield compared to travelling by car. With the support of Sally Jones from the council, they then applied for an LSTF grant, to match-fund the cost of their very own electric bike. Atmosphere Bike Shop in Hotwells was really helpful in helping them to choose the right model and after some test-driving up a few steep hills they settled on a Wisper 905 Classic Electric Bike.

Using an electric bike has made a big difference to their business: with no parking fees or expensive fuel to worry about it’s much cheaper than travelling by car, it’s quicker and more convenient, they can battle the hills of Bristol without breaking into a sweat and most important of all, it’s better for the environment.

Image courtesy of Green Hat

On average the Green Hat team travel about 5 miles to get to meetings with their trusty electric bike. With large panniers they can transport plenty of gear including photography equipment for shoots. It can take up to 6 or 7 hours to charge the battery, but when fully charged it has enough energy for 50 or 60 miles; the lights are also run on the battery. They have plenty of bike storage space at our new studio in Redland so they can now keep it safely locked up on the ground floor.