Greenhouse Bed & Breakfast meets growing demand for sustainable tourism

Published on in Sustainable Sourcing by Go Green with Fran Jones.

The Greenhouse B&B won the Green Tourism Gold award in 2014 and reached the Gold standard for Fairtrade sourcing in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Fran Jones, the owner of the B&B says that green credentials increasingly matter to her guests, especially those under thirty-five, and organisations in the city wanting their guests/colleagues to stay somewhere which shares or exemplifies their own values. Fran has a personal interest sourcing products sustainably, having worked in West Africa and seen the positive impacts of Fairtrade products. Sustainable sourcing beyond Fairtrade food is also important to The Greenhouse B&B.

“These days it really is easy to source sustainably, so I think it’s a ‘why not’ for businesses, rather than a ‘why’. I see being a green business as good business sense with built in growth and future proofing”

Fran Jones, Owner, The Greenhouse Bed and Breakfast

Fran views protecting the environment as ‘not killing the golden goose’. The carpets are made from recycled water bottles which are stain resistant and only require cleaning with soapy water and not chemicals, even the carpet underlay is made from recycled rubber tyres. All tap fittings, including the shower heads are eco-taps, using 50% less water, and the linen and towels are organic cotton which are laundered in-house with energy efficient machines (A++) and eco-cleaning products. All sourcing is price sensitive with an eye on repayment times and ratios if the items cost more than a non-eco option.

Membership of Essential Food Co-op provides The Greenhouse B&B with cost price wholesale organic and Fairtrade food and eco-cleaning products. Fran takes a pragmatic approach that is based on her own hierarchy, in which Fairtrade and organic products are the best option, but only if good quality and good value.  She balances this with the sourcing of seasonal products and the use of local suppliers on North Street, cutting mileage and supporting the local economy. As a member of Bristol £, she gives £1B Bristol Pound to every guest, encouraging them to have a richer experience in the city.