Knowle West Media Centre are now travelling in style

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By working with Go Green and Travel West, Knowle West Media Centre have been inspired to improve on their already impressive track record by providing their staff with a much greener alternative for travel, the electric bike. This move has to date helped staff cut down on car journeys made during the day and has showed them that they can plan big in the future.

Even before joining Go Green, Knowle West Media Centre were working hard to create a happy and healthy environment for its visitors and staff. They have made impressive progress in cutting their dependency on non-renewable fuels firstly by installing a biomass boiler and also by generating 25% of its own electricity through the 109 solar panels that were installed on the roof by the Bristol Energy Co-operative. The SoLa Bristol Project tapped into the solar panels and installed a battery, so once their training room lights were converted from AC to DC, the centre could store energy to light rooms in the evening for free!  There was also a hub installed to charge laptops, cameras and phones.

Despite this impressive track record there was still room for improvement, especially when it came to tackling the issue of the overflowing car park. Located on a steep hill and a considerable distance away from the station or city centre, there was very little to encourage the staff to ditch their cars for greener methods of travel such as cycling.

"The electric bike has given me access to parts of the city I didn’t have before, it’s given me the independence to get around without having to rely on lifts from other people”

Naomi Yates, Knowle West Media Centre

As a result of attending the Go Green Business Breakfast on Travel & Transport at the ss Great Britain’s Great Eastern Hall earlier this year, KWMC were able to meet with other organisations with similar interests in sustainable travel and allowed them to find a solution that worked best for them. The electric bike that they ultimately decided on, when piloted during the Business Green Week, managed to help cut down on 75% of all staff car journeys on the Better Travel Day. This then inspired them to include the goal of a 75% reduction in all single person car journeys by the end of the year as one of the 15 Green Pledges that KWMC made for Bristol Green Capital 2015.

As well as offering an alternative sustainable transport option to its staff, since becoming a member and creating their Go Green Action Plan, KWMC have become regular guests at our Business Breakfast events. This has strengthened their commitment and inspired action in other areas:

Happy & Healthy

Last June, accompanied by more than 40 other organisations, KWMC proudly took part in #BusinessGreenWeek. The aim of the week was for businesses to engage staff and consider their well-being along with working to lower their carbon footprint. In-house activities included:

  • Staff gardening at lunch time with tuition.
  • Shared staff lunch with home-made food and local produce from the allotments.
  • Banning printing for a day.
  • An alternative transport day – to avoid single car journeys.

Being a member of the Bristol City Council Wellbeing Charter, KWMC has held a number of workshops to increase staff health and well-being. After meeting Life Coach Rhian Sherrington ( at a breakfast event and signing up for a taster session which proved very popular, the centre then decided to add peer coaching sessions on a staff training day.

Energy & Efficiency

Following advice on conserving resources, KWMC were able to find and implement the most practical water saving measures for them. Firstly they are researching and looking into buying water displacers and upgrading their rainwater harvesting system to ensure the most efficient functionality, and lastly they purchased a water butt for collecting run-off water.

If you are interested in learning more about sustainable transport or how to keep your team healthy and happy, then you can come along to one of our popular Go Green events. Check out the events page.