How Computershare are making a sustainable commute easy, convenient and safe

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To meet its objective of increasing sustainable commuting, Computershare’s sustainable travel plan focuses on five forms of transport: cycling, walking, bus travel, train travel and car travel.

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“We're proud to play a role in our community and help Bristol, the West of England and our planet become greener, safer and cleaner"

Gary Ball, Head of Corporate Actions the firm's UK and Ireland Sustainability Champion , Computershare

Computershare’s efforts have focused on making it easier, safer and convenient for staff to use sustainable transport, so much so that they won the ‘Most Improved Work Place’ in the 2014 Travelwest Sustainable Travel Awards.


Computershare’s new bike shed opened on 30 September 2014 following a grant of £20,000 from the Local Sustainable Transport Fund and a company investment of £67,539. Decision makers supported the investment because it was in line with Computershare’s sustainability goals and travel philosophy. The existing facility was in poor repair and they were able to undertake the project as an extension to refurbishment works already completed. This new facility is more secure than the previous shed, boasts easy access to shower and changing facilities, and has capacity for 165 bikes – 99 more than before. Solar panels provide a sustainable light source.

Cycle commuters also benefit from vastly improved shower and changing facilities, with access to secure lockers and a drying room. The presence of the gym showers has also encouraged non-members to carry out other activities (mainly jogging) during lunch breaks.

The annual charity cycle ride is a much-loved event which improves staff awareness of cycling. With a choice of routes from 30 miles, all levels of fitness can get involved. Employees were encouraged to cycle to work as part of their training and free spinning classes in the on-site gym proved hugely popular. This year over £16,000 was raised. Additionally absenteeism is at a record low for Computershare and they put this down to the regular use of the gym by staff.

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Computershare got behind National Cycle to Work day, offering a free breakfast for every cycle-commuter. Free bike maintenance services were available for both the annual charity ride and Cycle to Work day – a great way to give staff confidence to wheel out their old steed!

Computershare has worked tirelessly this year to improve cycle safety by lobbying the Council to consider a cycle path along the A38. Over 200 employees support the proposition with corporate-neighbour Bristol Water also adding its voice to the campaign.


Many staff live within a three mile radius of Computershare offices and staff are actively encouraged to take to the pavement. Local walking routes are provided to staff on the company intranet using a map data web site which provides routes tailored for walking. A second walking resource is a link to Google Maps, pre-populated with postcodes of the local train station and the office which gives a map and directions for the route to and from work with one click.  A ‘Walk to Work’ day is even on the cards.

Bus Travel

Computershare pays for a free-to-use double-decker bus service which follows a route decided as part of a staff survey, with various convenient stops from the city to the office each morning and evening. The service has around 11% of employees using it each week. Even though the bus service is a considerable outlay each year, the investment was made because public transport to and from the site was poor and on-site parking limited, so it was required to attract and retain good quality employees.

Train Travel

Computershare offers an annual season ticket loan scheme for train travel.

Car Travel

An in-house car-sharing service has operated for over 15 years, with 10% of employees using it to find fellow employees to share the driving duties to and from work.