Why Minuteman Press choose Fairtrade

Published on in Sustainable Sourcing by Minuteman Press.

The ethics and principles of Fairtrade were a close fit with Minuteman Press Bristol who won the 2014 Fairtrade South West Business Gold award in the Fairtrade Office category.

Image by John Craig Image by John Craig

The directors discussed the issue and were united in their belief and commitment to Fairtrade. Following several briefing sessions, support was gained from the rest of the team, who shared the vision for fairness and high ethics in business.

“Business should be about more than business, it should be about making lives better, actively seeking opportunities and making them happen”

Peter Wise, Minuteman Press Bristol

The company is now active where possible in promoting the Fairtrade message through the website news, displaying posters, participation and promotion in Fairtrade events. Minuteman Press Bristol believes that the association with Fairtrade is positive for those businesses, third sector organisations and individuals who understand and value the vision of Fairtrade; but that’s secondary to the results Fairtrade deliver for those who benefit so much from a fairer price for their goods.

“I encourage every organisation to become a Fairtrade organisation, it really is easy” Peter Wise, Director, Minuteman Press Bristol

All purchasing was reviewed by simply creating a list of purchases, replacing with Fairtrade products where available and regularly monitoring the market for new Fairtrade products. Where possible product was delivered on their electric bicycle and they found that Fairtrade products such as teas, coffees, sugar and biscuits cost surprisingly little more and in some instances less etc. The switch over to Fairtrade was easy, with supplies readily available and the Fairtrade website packed with useful information.