Your Power air travel reduced by an impressive 80% through Agile Working

Published on in Happy and Healthy by Kerry Burns.

Go Green Prove It member Your Power – part of Your Group – has embedded agile working across its operations. Agile working is simply a way of saying that work is an activity, not a place. Furthermore, work is an activity that can be undertaken anytime, anywhere.

Image courtesy of Your Power Ltd

The group has reduced waste on hardware, reduced travel miles, become more efficient in resource pooling and concentrated its physical space requirements. All of these are also lean methods that return better bottom line profitability. It is simply better business”

Adam Eldridge , IT and Business Systems Manager at Your Group

The main way to become agile is to ensure all work IT systems are cloud-based, or at least accessible from any connected location. Cloud-based IT systems reduce the need for travel to face-to-face meetings. Your Power employs a range of cloud-based systems and applications, including:

These systems allow connectivity to all business activities from any connected location globally.

Your Group have an office in Bristol and another near Belfast, and the agile working method has reduced their need for flights by an impressive 80% !

They use Skype or other tele- and video-conferencing routinely. They have reduced the office accommodation requirement, and with it the carbon footprint required for physical space, heat and lighting.

There has been a significant impact on transport emissions too. Staff can use Flowdock to be instantly engaged in discussions, project management, live issues and strategic discussion without needing to be in a physical office.

Cloud-based IT also reduces carbon emissions

By using much of Google’s own servers – now 100% renewable energy-powered – Your Power have been able to greatly reduce their IT carbon footprint.

Efficiency of operation also counts, as most small businesses running their own servers are using a fraction of the storage capacity but running at full power. It’s far more efficient to use each server remotely and ensure its efficiency is maximised at all times.

Great work Your Power!