Thali Café teams up with Frank Water to go green and save lives

Published on in Sustainable Sourcing by Thali Café.

The Thali Café lead by ethics, not just profit. The Thali look to India for their sustainability cues – where people eat local, seasonal food and recycle out of necessity.

The Thali are the first Indian restaurant group in the UK to be awarded a Three Star Sustainability Champion Rating by the Sustainable Restaurant Association (their highest award).

Thali are proud to support FRANK Water who plan their work according to their own similar sustainability policy both in the UK and India. FRANK Water works with community stakeholders to plan and implement safe water supply, proper sanitation and good hygiene practices in India. Thali Water is a collaboration between Thali and FRANK Water.

Thali Water reduces waste, encourages re-use and recycling and raises funds for lifesaving clean water. One litre of Thali water is served to every table in a refillable glass bottle with a voluntary 50p price tag. The water bottles are labelled and customers are aware of the project from their bill. If customers opt in, 100% is donated to FRANK Water. Thali aims to raise £12,000 over three years, which would be enough to secure safe water and sanitation for 500 households in Agra. The Thali is on track to raise £30,000 between 2014-16 – enough to secure safe water and sanitation for 100 households in Agra (about 600 people).

All images by Paul Box courtesy of Thali Cafe 

Aside from the initial investment, Thali Water requires very little input and effort. In this way, Thali Water provides a model of good practice for other small and larger independent and chain cafes, bars and restaurants. In fact, FRANK Water has already approached another of its stockists (of FRANK Water’s own brand bottled water) to encourage them to change over to a Thali Water model.

Thali Water benefits Thali by enhancing employee engagement and customer perception of its cafés and therefore profit for the business.

Thali Water reduces waste, cuts cost and makes a break from normal CSR fundraising or donations.

The Thali/FRANK Water collaboration is easy to implement and replicate (the initiative has been rolled out across all five Thali sites) and enhances Thali’s sustainability credentials.