‘Turn it Off’ Set to Save Oxford Instruments over £48,000 a Year

Published on in Energy and Efficiency .

As a highly innovative technology company that works in the sustainability sector, Oxford Instruments are keen to lead by example and show how simple changes, such as turning off unused devices can have a significant impact on minimising energy waste.

"Joining Go Green has inspired and challenged us to make further sustainable improvements to our business”

Charles Holroyd, Managing Director

Recently the company has launched an internal ‘Turn it off’ campaign, encouraging people to turn off their computer monitors, PCs and office lighting each evening. In addition air conditioning units and electrical heaters are being turned off out of hours. It is anticipated that making these changes will save the business the significant amount of over £48,000 in the year!

The business is keen to demonstrate to its customers that it is reducing its carbon footprint and improving energy efficiency. Teams have also put their creative skills into improving the energy efficiency of the tools they build, resulting in environmental and cost cutting benefits that can be passed down to the customers. Further energy saving projects will soon include investments such as installing LED lighting.

Oxford Instruments’ Environmental Champions

The group was set up last year, and has been working to improve many aspects of the business’ overall energy efficiency, in order to cut carbon footprint and costs, and improve the general well being of its staff. Since the company has joined Go Green, it has added impetus to Oxford Instruments working towards a sustainable future.

“As a high technology company based in the Bristol area, supplying organisations worldwide, we are delighted to be involved in the Go Green initiative, and be part of the wider Bristol green community” – Charles Holroyd, Managing Director

On the day Oxford instruments launched Go Green internally to their 230 plus employees each member of staff was presented with a mini-cactus, representing a ‘green’ and environmentally efficient plant. These now take pride of place on desks around the site.

The video below created by Recording Earth shows how Oxford Instruments have embedded Go Green within their organisation to make impressive savings.

Go Green Prove It members, Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology demonstrate the impressive financial savings that they have made since their 'Turn It Off' campaign and how being part of the Go Green programme in 2015 has benefited their team.