Bath Low Carbon Business Breakfast – CLT and Innovation in Construction

–10am, Bath

HCA Hub Building Main Entrance at Dusk

Cross Laminated Timber and Innovation in Construction

7:45 am – 10:00 am, Tuesday 19th September 2017, Integral Engineering Design, Walcot Yard, Bath

 Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) has been making the headlines through high-profile projects such as the Seville Metropol, the world’s largest CLT building in London (10 storeys and 121 units) and Legal and General’s recent announcement to start building thousands of modular CLT homes.

Has CLT matured enough to become a standard tool in architects’ and engineers’ bags? Is CLT recognised as a viable alternative to concrete and steel? What are the benefits in sustainability and speed and what – if any – are the limits?

Join us with Integral Engineering Design and Hewitt Studios to find out


Kim Collins, Integral Engineering Design: CLT – No Longer the New Kid on the Block

CLT construction is becoming increasingly popular as it has become more widely recognised for its sustainability credentials, speed on site and unique aesthetic qualities. Integral Engineering Design will discuss its advantages and challenges over traditional building materials from an engineering perspective and demonstrate what a versatile material it can be and why we should be using it.

Paul Younger, Hewitt Studios: CLT: Scalable Sustainability (from Car Ports to Colleges)

Hewitt Studios will discuss some of challenges (and prejudices) they faced in utilising CLT on a diverse portfolio of projects, from small-scale solar canopies to a vast Engineering Hall refurbishment. Hewitt Studios was named BD Sustainability Architect of the Year in 2014/15 for its “seamless integration of sustainable and architectural design”.

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